We must become more aware of our energy sources.

Electricity: Earthships produce their own electricity with a prepackaged photovoltaic / wind power system. This energy is stored in batteries and supplied to your electrical outlets. Earthships can have multiple sources of power, all automated, including grid-intertie.


Dynasphere Wind Power


Final Product:
Vertical Axis Dynasphere Wind Module

Vertical Axis Wind Power Generation Protype

Getting Electricity
Electrical energy is "harvested" from the sun and the wind. Photovoltaic panels convert the sun's energy into DC current electricity and is stored in "golf-cart" type batteries. An Earthship Power Organizing Module draws the electricity from the batteries, inverts some of it for AC electricity and supplies it to the home. The POM can accept electricity from a gasoline generator, intertie with the city energy grid, etc.


Solar Wind power earthship


Washing machines, computers, kitchen appliances, print machines, vacuums, etc. can be used normally. No electricity is required for heating & cooling.

We advise small, medium or large pre-packaged power systems. Customization of power systems can be an expensive up front cost. Pre-Packaged Earthship Power Systems for your home can be shipped globally.


Power Organizing Module (POM)

A self contained organizer and distributor of electricity. It is available as a user friendly factory assembled unit that is simply screwed on your wall, your local electrician conventionally wires your house to this unit. It takes the custom design and unlimited expense out of renewable energy residential electrical systems.

The POM is part of our retrofit package for your existing home.

Ask us about the Power Organizing Module: 575-751-0462 or biotecture@earthship.com.


  Power Organizing Module

Why the POM?

Your electrician wires your house absolutely conventionally to code as if it were connected to the grid. The electrician wires the house to conventional circuit breaker panels that are built into the POM. The POM concept is cheaper overall, easier to install and presents more proven reliability than any custom assemblage of solar components you can find and have installed. It is revolutionary in design, function and organization of solar/wind energy for household or business use.

There are many components, gadgets and aspects involved in receiving energy from the sun and wind and getting it to your electrical appliances. Currently these components are purchased individually by you or your power technician and custom designed and assembled for your specific situation. This is very expensive and the result is your very own one of a kind solar electrical system. Since it is one of a kind, it is very possible that is will have glitches, bugs and unforeseen design faults in addition to being very expensive.


  Power Organizing Module

The Power Organizing Module (POM) is not one of a kind. They are mass produced and used over and over again in a variety of climatic situations. Glitches, bugs and custom design faults have long since been evolved out.

Since the POM has been used all over the USA, we know what various code require. These aspects and components are built into the POM. Since it is mass produced in the factory, it is very economical and efficient. The POM leaves your local electrician with nothing to do that involves solar/wind energy designs.

BatteriesWe are simply adapting our needs to the already existing activities of the planet.

Why pipe water long distances from a centralized community water system, or from an expensive well that needs significant electrical power, depletes aquifers and lowers the water table, when water falls from the sky?

Why have a corporate or political "middle man" between us and our energy needs? Our vessel (home) must be designed to sail with the forces that exist beyond human control and exploitation.

An understanding of mechanical systems for most humans is limited to what is within reach of their fingertips. It is understood that when you flip a switch on the wall, a light comes on. When you turn on the faucet, hot water comes out. When you pull the handle on the toilet, it flushes. Little thought is given to where the electricity comes from or what kind of nuclear waste was produced to generate it. How many of us even know where the power plant is that supplies our power. Few people ever wonder which water table is depleted to bring them water and what chemicals have been added to it. Where does the sewage go after it is flushed and which rivers and lakes are polluted by it?

Humans need comfortable temperatures, light, electricity, hot water, food, sewage treatment, etc. These necessities are all available within the framework of a certain "rhythm" in the Earthship. The more we are able to align our priorities and needs with the prevailing rhythms of the planet, the easier and less expensive (both in terms of economics and ecology) they will be to obtain.

If our lifestyles can conform more to the patterns of the planet than to our socioeconomic system, we can reduce the stress on both ourselves and the planet. This is easier said than done due to the "reality" and the "gravity" of mortgage payments, utility bills and the generally high cost of eating and living. Most of us have no choice. We have to be places at certain times looking certain ways in order to make the money needed to make those payments. However, many people have built Earthships themselves and ended up with little to no mortgage payment. They also have little or no utility bills and their ability to grow food year-round inside the Earthship has greatly affected what they have to spend on packaged, processed foods.

The condition of our planet tells us we must now begin to take responsibility for what happens beyond the reach of our fingertips. We must begin to reconsider the source of these utilities, our access to them, and how we dispose of the waste produced. The mechanical systems of the Earthship confront these issues directly. We call this direct living. Source, access and destination are all contained within the Earthship, within the reach of our fingertips. There is no mystery involved in Earthship electricity. There is no unknown source of water. There is no magical black hole that sucks up all our sewage. Instead, we work in harmony with the earth to deal with these issues - taking what it has to give us directly and giving back what it wants to receive. With this harmony ringing in our minds we evolve the Earthship Systems.



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Aquaponics Prototype

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About Earthship Biotecture

Earthship construction drawings are designed to meet standard building code requirements so you can get a permit no matter where you are. Earthship Biotecture is beyond LEED Architecture. Earthships are green buildings that meet standard building codes. EarthshipBiotecture is based on the work of principal architect, Michael Reynolds. (see: media resume)

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