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Te Puke’s earthship build

Te Puke’s earthship build Te Puke's Fruit of the Pacific charitable trust is spearheading a two-week project to teach Ni Vanuatu RSE workers how to build an ‘earthship' when they return home – to use as houses or safety shelters. Earthships are a self-contained, impact-minimising land-based ‘ship' – constructed from what others throw away and designed to work in harmony with the environment, say their designers Earthship...Read More

Earthship-Festival in Köln Holweide

Zur Feier des #earthday war das noch3 Team am Earthship-Festival in Köln Holweide mit gutem Essen und functional Training auch vertreten. #eatclean #traindirty #noch3 #earthday #earthship #easyearthshipcrew #cologne A photo posted by Noch3 Performance Center (@noch3_performance) on Apr 22, 2015 at 12:13pm PDT

Stagecoach Organic Farmer Making Progress on Earthship Project

In an update to a story we first brought you back in November 2012, Dirt Merchant Farms, which sells organic foods like fresh farm eggs, meats and vegetables in Stagecoach, has continued to build what are known as "Earthships" on their property. An earthship is a self-sustaining building made out of recyclable materials, like tires and glass bottles. He says they're more durable than traditional homes made out...Read More

Earthship Aquaponic Prototype

Earthship Aquaponic Prototype Four months after filling the pond with water, we have a thriving vegetable and soon, fish producing Aquaponic System in the Towers Earthship at Eathship Biotecture, Taos, NM. For those of you who initially thought that the pond looked like a “kiddy pool” and not really well integrated, take another look. It is beautiful, peaceful and serene, and producing food. It is a joy to be working with this Aquaponic...Read More

How We Built Our Earthship, an Off-grid Prairie Home

How We Built Our Earthship, an Off-grid Prairie Home It took five weeks and one volunteer army to rise this radically sustainable Alberta dwelling. By Duncan Kinney, 30 Jan 2015, When you tell people you're building an Earthship, there are two stock responses. First there are the believers. These are the people who've watched Garbage Warrior, twice. They want to talk design and permits and timelines. They're into it. The other stock response is an...Read More

How to Make Bottle Bricks

How to Make Bottle Bricks A quick and easy guide to building with glass bottles. Recycling glass bottles is a great way to create a stunning and unique wall in your home, shed or garden. They are easy to make and with such a variety of colours and shapes out there, so many different designs can be made! This is a building construction style which usually uses glass bottles (although mason jars, glass jugs, and other glass...Read More

Earth Rammed Tire Walls

Earth Rammed Tire Walls Each year, nearly 300 million tires are disposed of in the U.S. alone. The EPA estimates that markets exist for approximately 80 percent of those tires, leaving an estimated 60 million scrap tires to be stockpiled or landfilled. Luckily, the market for scrap tires continues to increase. Whether used as fuel, ground and recycled into new products, retreaded or used in civil engineering projects, their rate of...Read More

Summer workshop coming up in Adelaide @ Earthship Ironbank

Summer workshop coming up in Adelaide @ Earthship Ironbank Earthship workshops - January 2015 in South Australia workshops Monday 5 January - Saturday 24 January 2015 This may be the final Earthship Ironbank Workshop! The focus will be; rendering with lime and earth plasters, floor construction (earth and polished concrete), and there are a few more tyres to pound on the tyre tank. There will be three workshops starting on Mondays and finishing on Saturdays (no work on...Read More

Earthship Biotecture Academy Video by John Senften

Earthship Academy student and professional videographer John Senften has just produced a 25 minute video about the Academy session he attended in Taos, New Mexico in the Spring of 2014. We'd like to thank John and all the wonderful students who appear in the video! It's a fantastic overview of the program.

EB Academy Works on Local Humanitarian Effort

EB Academy Works on Local Humanitarian Effort           Academy 2014 – Session 2 There have been several hits on a Global Model Earthship being built for a Taos family who was displaced after losing their home in Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Last year, we had 35 students and several crew members begin the tire pounding and within a week's time were able to complete the 9 courses of the main structural tire wall. The Bilal family has been...Read More

Bottle wall at Towers Earthship

Bottle wall at Towers Earthship Here's one of the most magnificent Earthship bottle walls to date. Expert Earthship bottle wall artist Heather Konz developed the free form pattern to be able to make the wall go up quickly without waiting for more bottle bricks of specific colors to be made.

Earthship Biotecture plans benefit seminar

Earthship Biotecture will be host a benefit seminar Sunday (Aug. 18) for those interested in learning more about building while aiding a good cause. The Earthship workshop is 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Taos Mesa Brewery. The event will comprise of an all-day seminar with Mike Reynolds, Phil Basehart and the Earthship staff and crew. This will be followed by live music at 7 p.m. and other activities such as a raffle...Read More

Spring, 2013 Academy: 1Bed Global Model Build Begins

Spring, 2013 Academy: 1Bed Global Model Build Begins spring Academy update from the job site - building a one bedroom global model in the Greater World Community first courses of tires, Q&A with Phil, cooling tubes, thermal wrap

Spring, 2013 Academy: Week 2

Spring, 2013 Academy: Week 2 earthship spring academy week 2 - systems classes, tire pounding cont., thermal wrap, cisterns/plumbing, subfloors, prepping for concrete footing, moving dirt.

Spring, 2013 Academy: grey water planter beds being lined

Spring, 2013 Academy: grey water planter beds being lined new global model grey water planter beds being lined - spring academy

spring academy global model @HQ

spring academy global model @HQ all hands on deck for vigas going on the building this week

Formula to Spread Earthships

Formula to Spread Earthships Photo:  Genevieve Croker - Long Way Home - Comalapa, Guatemala Earthship Biotecture worked with Long Way Home in November of 2011 to build Maria and her family a home. The formula to create a sustainable building for a family is still evolving like the home itself.   The 3-U Survival Pod Earthship can currently be built in any under developed (or developed) country.   It takes about...Read More

Winterizing Earthships in Taos

Winterizing Earthships in Taos As temperatures begin to dip below freezing in Taos, New Mexico, and snow is moving in, we begin to suit up and take the necessary steps to ensure that our living conditions are as efficient as they promise.  Although our Global models prove their efficiency in terms of functionality and temperature stabilization, some of our older buildings may need some small tune-ups to keep warm this winter.  Here are...Read More

Earthship Biotecture presenta la version en espanol de: La Navetierra, Como Construir la Suya en Formato de Libro Electrónico

Earthship Biotecture presenta la version en espanol de: La Navetierra, Como Construir la Suya en Formato de Libro Electrónico La traducción al español del ejemplar “La Navetierra, como construir la suya” ya está disponible en formato de libro electrónico a través de nuestro sitio web Este libro ofrece a los lectores la filosofía básica detrás del diseño de los earthships, y cómo estos edificios interactúan con la tierra para crear los sistemas que la caracterizan.  Por otra parte “Earthship Volumen...Read More

How to Build the Greywater Planters in an Earthship

How to Build the Greywater Planters in an Earthship Containment, Treatment & Distribution The concept used for containment, treatment and distribution of sewage-water is based on and draws information from the wetlands concept which has long been used in exterior applications for thousands of years by humans and nature. The Earthship sewage system differs from the wetlands approach in that it primarily treats the gray water inside the building and the...Read More

How to Pound a Tire

How to Pound a Tire the Primary Building Block: Rammed Earth Encased in Steel Belted Rubber provides the major structure and performance of the earthship. These building blocks are arranged to form the main load-bearing walls of the building. This building block is an automobile tire rammed with packed earth. Another way to describe it is rammed earth encased in steel belted rubber.  

Battering Tires for a Wall Made of Rammed Earth Encased in Steel Belted Rubber.

Battering Tires for a Wall Made of Rammed Earth Encased in Steel Belted Rubber. Brief overview from the field about battering tires in a wall made of rammed earth encased in recycled steel belted rubber, aka: 'tire walls.'     

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Earthship construction drawings are designed to meet standard building code requirements so you can get a permit no matter where you are. Earthship Biotecture is beyond LEED Architecture. Earthships are green buildings that meet standard building codes. EarthshipBiotecture is based on the work of principal architect, Michael Reynolds. (see: media resume)

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